Fin Dearsly X Vanity Teen Cover

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Motivated, lively, outgoing

How did you end up being a model?

Got into the gym just over a year ago and started building up a gym account. This year a couple of photographers expressed their interest in my account and wanted to shoot with me. After some successful shoots I got contacted by a couple of agencies and decided to try to pursue a career in the industry

What type of music do you like to listen to? Do you have any favorite songs?

I like all different kinds of music. At the moment some of my favorite artists are Oasis, Mist & Jorja Smith

Is there a model you really like right now? One you’d love to work with in the future?

I really like Christian Hogue’s look and aspire to take a similar career path as him. It would be cool to work with someone such as Arabella Chi.

How would you describe Vanity Teen in three words? 

creative, upcoming & edgy

Would you say that your life has changed since you started this new modeling journey?

I am right at the start of my journey, so I wouldn’t say I have noticed any drastic differences, however with opportunities to shoot across the country it has allowed me to travel which I love doing. I have also been invited to walk for Mister Triple X at Miami Fashion Week, so I am thoroughly looking forward to that as I have never been to America before.

The last movie you’ve seen? Your last series you’ve seen?

The last movie I watched was Rocketman which is the film about Elton John. Was absolutely BRILLIANT – highly recommend. Series wise I recently started watching Black Mirror. I’m a bit addicted not going to lie. Just a little warning – it’s very messed up at times!!!


I love seeing all my mates and going out. I also really enjoy playing sports. I used to play tennis at national level and play county level cricket. I really enjoy my cross-country running too. I am a very competitive person generally so no matter what sport it is I’ll want to win!!

Model: Fin Dearsly, Photographer: Ira Giorgetti, Artwork By Tyas Flumens for Vanity Teen.